weekend weather

Saturday 14th was reasonably busy on the platform, despite the persistent change in weather throughout the day. There were intermittent rain showers and a couple of particularly heavy downpours.
Due to the availability of motive power, two of the services were hauled by diesels, one by class 20 and the other by class 50.
The two steam locos were 7812 off Bridgnorth and 5164 off Bewdley, with 46443 doing the footplate experience.
Availability of motive power will be sufficient tomorrow as additional engines 46443 and 44821 will be in service.

Sunday 15th was highlighted with the arrival of the two black 5s visiting for the 60s special weekend. 44821 today was being used to haul the dining service off Kidderminster, with 45407 spare in the yard at Bridgnorth.
Weather was much better today, being generally cooler and only a few light showers.


Saturday 30 April - day began with cleaning 7812 ready for service. Andy, Hugh, Adam, Oliver S, Phil.

Service engine was class 20 diesel for the first half of the day, due to a failure of 4566.

Later on, dismantling of 4566 front running plate, began to remove front sections beyond the cylinder valve covers. These needed removing so that the valves could be accessed and removed to be repaired and serviced. This took up most of the day.

Oliver and Adam were linishing down to bare metal of the first wheel of the set for 1501 ready to go into first coat of primer.

The surface of the wheels on the outside need to be completely clean and smooth to allow the painting to work properly and look most effective, plus lasting longer on the metalwork.

After 7812 was moved off the big external pit, ash was dug out from where 7812 had emptied its ashpan the previous disposal.

Some cleaning work was done on 43106 in preparation for return to traffic in a few weeks time after the piston rod and cover replacement has been completed, carried out by Andy, Oliver and others.

End of day, 7812 disposed and left on the big pit road (road 5) ready for next day's running.