August in the Wailing Wall wk4

reported 27 August
You know what they say about the 'road to hell' etc. Well, as you may have guessed, today was no different. Having purchased the materials in readiness to deal with the insulation and ceiling in the stock room, all of a sudden it comes to light that the area in front of the bar cellar has been waiting for months despite, apparently, some of the powers-that-be being advised as to the urgency of this much-overdue repair.
I am also advised that the situation could have caused the station's supply of Bathams to be curtailed severely or even stopped altogether! Now that would never do, I hear you cry, as I am sure many others would have done if such a disaster had befallen our watering hole.
End of mild rant on this subject. Needless to say, the previously offending concrete has been forcefully removed with the kango, and all the ballast and cement purchased was used to create a totally new, and - need I say - reinforced, surface which we trust will satisfy the various brewers' draymen, especially those from Bathams.
For the record, those involved were Dave (Bambi) with the JCB, Geoff (The Aircraft), Chalkie (Fat Controller), Colin (The Fireman), and of course, yours truly.
Elsewhere, Peter (The Painter) continues his ministrations on the new booking hall entrance window.
I have also to report that Brenda (Mrs Aircraft) says she is very impressed with our prompt attention to the coach B digilock. We aim to please, as they say.
I also managed to get the second top coat of white gloss on the new Tickets & Trains sign, and the lettering was also second top coated by Geoff (The Aircraft).
All in all, it was a very successful day, despite the unwanted attention of a number of shower clouds throughout the day. Naturally, we are hoping for a dry night to allow our concrete to set, together with the wish that no drunken reveller stamps in it before it is sufficiently cured.
report by Robin (The Mild Ranter)
reported 30 August
Today, Colin (The Fireman) and Alan (Severn Trent) spent part of the morning reinstating the cover over the water main stop cock outside The Gnomery, or as we know it, the pattern shop.
Speaking of Gnomes, Brian (The Pontificator) applied a final white gloss top coat to the back of the new Tickets & Trains sign. This now only requires the final black gloss top coat to be applied, before the lettering is affixed, and the sign put into place. AT LAST.
After lunch, all five of our crew, ie the two Alans, Colin and myself, and Adam (The Boy) spent until 17.45 hrs insulating and lining the ceiling of the reinstated retail stock room. Hopefully, the ceiling will be finished on Saturday.
Elsewhere, our efforts last Saturday in relaying the concrete apron outside the pub's beer cellar have been much appreciated by Eric (The Smiler) and, hopefully, the Bathams draymen who got their first view during today's delivery.
I also taped up a cracked compartment door window in the LMS set prior to departure of the first train of the day. Apparently Hugh (The Carriage) was aware of the problem and has repairs in hand.
reported by Robin (The Crack Repairer)

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